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Recycle Office Paper into Blank Books 


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Recycle Office Paper into Blank 


Written By: Becky Stern 


Cutting mat / work surface (1) 

Drill, or drill press (1) 
(or awl) 


sewing or bookbinding 

Paper cutter, scissors, or utility knife (1) 

Ruler (1) 


Yarn, string, or other cord (6 ft) 

Paper (25+ pes) 
copy, inkjet, laser, etc., 

card stock (2 pes) 

or other heavy cover stock 


Here I will give a simple bookbinding tutorial using a Japanese stab-binding technique for 
making blank books from paper that is printed on one side. These books are useful for all 
kinds of notes, and tell an interesting story about the place they came from. I work in the 
computer lab at my school, where a lot of printer paper is wasted. I go through the recycle 
bin to find my papers. 

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Recycle Office Paper into Blank Books 

Step 1 — Cut and fold your paper 

• Using a paper cutter, scissors, or a utility knife, cut your paper down to twice the desired 

• Fold each sheet in half, and cut your cover material (one for front, one for back) down to 
the size of a folded sheet. 

• Almost all paper has a bias - it's easier to bend in one direction over another - so make 
sure you align your paper all the same way. Office paper is typically biased along the long 

Step 2 — Line up, clip, and make holes 

"."':,,„■,.. ."W*- 

• Stack your cover material and pages together and line up all edges. Clip with the large 
binder clip to secure. 

• Mark 3/8" from both to-be-bound corners (the folded side of the sheets). Divide the space 
along the binding between these marks into thirds, and mark those locations. These are 
where we make the holes for the twine binding. 

• Make holes all the way through the book with an awl, drill, or drill press. 

• If using a drill or drill press, make sure to clamp your papers tightly down to avoid any 
paper ruffling. Placing a piece of wood under the book helps make a clean cut in the back. 

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Recycle Office Paper into Blank Books 

Step 3 — Bind the book 

• I used this tutorial to learn to bind books this way. It's very thorough, so I won't repeat its 
instructions, but basically you sew the binding in a particular way with the twine and 

• Make sure it's very tight and secure. 

• That's it! 

This is a great little book for phone numbers and other random notes. You can make it any size 
you like, and the paper never had to go to the processing plant! Using a string binding instead of 
glue is easier on the environment, too. Some of the books I've made are for sale at my Etsy 
shop . 

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